Introduction Work-style reforms:Why are they so unexciting?

Work-style reforms are meant for all working people.

They should make us enjoy our work more, but why can't we appreciate them?

We should welcome the reforms with open arms,
but why don't we get excited about them?

The times are changing, so why not stop and think about it?

Cybozu Inc. specializes in cloud-based groupware and operational improvement services to support teamwork enhancement in society. This website seeks to raise social awareness of the challenges faced by the work-style reforms being promoted in Japan today.

アリキリ The Ant and the Grasshopper

Work-Style Animation starring Ant,
Grasshopper and their bug friends

Episode1 "Overtime Work"

Mr. Inoue (grasshopper) waits for Mr. Goto (ant) at the station. Mr. Goto comes by…

Episode2 "Women empowerment"

Queen Ant appears in front of Mr. Goto and Mr. Inoue. Ignoring the shock on the two faces, Queen Ant starts pouring out her troubles.

Episode3 "Ikumen
(husbands participating in childcare)"

Mr. Goto and Mr. Inoue take note of a butterfly looking up speechless at his son, who has turned into a pupa...

Character About the characters (bugs)

Mr. Goto (ant)

Mr. Goto (ant)

A working ant of Ants Inc. Amidst a wave of work-style reforms, Mr. Goto is feeling uneasy at work every day.

Mr. Inoue (grasshopper)

Mr. Inoue (grasshopper)

Having lived a carefree life to this day, he finally realizes the value of working. To make a clean start, he decides to visit Ant's office to find out what leading-edge work styles are all about.

Mr. Uchiyama (creator)

Mr. Uchiyama (creator)

Director of Ari Kiri (The Ant and the Grasshopper), Mr. Uchiyama started to get involved in the production of short animations when he was in university. He is the original author of Kamiusagi Ropé (Paper Rabbit Ropé). His latest work, in progress, is Nora Suko.

Special Contents A successful work-style reform has to be exciting. If not, it's a failure. A successful work-style reform has to be exciting. If not, it's a failure.