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Global Recruitment

At Cybozu, our vision is to build a society brimming with teamwork.
To achieve our vision not only in Japan but across the world, we develop products for the global market. Our product development and sales teams are in the process of globalizing their operations. As part of this effort, we're seeking to hire more international members from Japan and abroad for the English-speaking team (*New Business Division) that is developing our new Identity and Access Management (IAM) product.

Since our recruitment efforts began in 2022, developers residing in the United States and Japan have created development teams where English is the working language. They work together across multiple time zones, respecting each other’s schedules and cultural differences.
Currently, the team consists of members from Europe, the United States, Asia, and Oceania. Several team members are new to working at a Japanese company or within a global team, so everyone supports each other in carrying out their daily work.

* New business division : An international team of highly skilled experts

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Work with Confidence

At Cybozu, we provide support to ensure that everyone can perform and work confidently, regardless of the language they speak.


We offer an English onboarding program to help you understand Cybozu’s culture and ensure a seamless start. The onboarding sessions in English will help you familiarize yourself with Cybozu's culture and set up your IT equipment. You’ll also be given an office tour, and a consultation service will be at your disposal to discuss any language-related challenges.
If you have any questions before joining, you can always contact our onboarding team via our groupware, Kintone. We regularly survey new hires on their onboarding experience and are always looking for ways to improve our support services based on their feedback.

Visa and Relocation Support

For those who need a Japanese work visa to enter Japan, we will sponsor and provide support throughout the visa acquisition process, including covering the associated costs. If relocation to Japan is necessary for your employment, we offer comprehensive support to ensure a stress-free relocation, from the physical move to settling into your new living arrangements. Additionally, we will cover the cost of airline tickets, moving expenses, and other related costs (up to a certain amount).
※This benefit applies only to specific positions. Please check the individual job description for details.

Current Benefits

Work-life balance

  • ・Annual Paid Leave
  • ・Family Care and Personal Sick Leave
  • ・Proactive Personal Leave
  • ・Childcare Leave

Pension Insurance

Enrollment is mandatory for everyone with an address in Japan. The pension plan is determined by the individual’s work style, and all Cybozu employees fall under the National Pension and Employees’ Pension Insurance categories.

Interpretation and Translation Support

We have an in-house interpretation and translation team that provides linguistic support.
They interpret meetings and translate documents to help overcome language barriers and support global teamwork.

New Tech Equipment

We primarily use Cybozu’s online services in addition to other web conferencing and chat tools for business communication. Therefore, we spare no expense investing in equipment for employees, which includes high-performance PCs, smartphones, and other devices.

Communication Support Programs

Communication Support Programs are designed to facilitate communication and relationship-building across different teams, such as company-hosted events, club activities, and food-and-beverage subsidies for activities that encourage active communication among employees.

Employee Share Ownership Program

We offer an Employee Share Ownership Program in which the company will match employee contributions for company share purchases (100% match).
The maximum monthly contribution is up to 10% of your monthly salary in increments of JPY 5,000

* As we are constantly looking to improve our onboarding experience, the policies stated above may be subject to modification

Working Environment

Work-life balance

・ Those interested in working in Japan can choose to work anywhere nationwide.

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Work Hours

・Flexible Working Hours