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Building a society
with teamwork

To understand Cybozuʼs vision, you first have to understand a little bit of our history. In 2005, we were fighting to survive. Our stock lost half its value, and turnover reached an all-time high of 27%. Every week, we held another goodbye party. Morale was at its lowest.

We needed radical change. Our company goal was to “build a society brimming with teamwork,” but we hadnʼt even succeeded internally.

We decided that change needed to start from within. We spent years of trial-and-error trying to figure out what elements our company should adopt in order to build internal teamwork. Not everyone was on board, and many quit along the way.

After a while, our focus and efforts started to pay off. We settled on five, easy-to-understand teamwork elements that everyone within the company was able to get behind. We developed our products in line with those elements, to ensure that our vision permeated through every endeavour.

The results were staggering. Our stock recovered and then some. Our turnover has been below 5% for the last decade. We still have goodbye parties, but far more welcome parties.

The five elements guiding Cybozu's teamwork are...

  • Embrace a common vision理想への共感

    Embrace a common vision by making sure you and your team members are aiming for the same goals.

  • Elevate individuality多様な個性を重視

    Elevate individuality by understanding your own strengths and weaknesses, those of your teammates, and establishing the role each individual has to play in realizing the common vision.

  • Express yourself with openness and transparency公明正大

    Express yourself with openness and transparency by sharing information with your team and speaking your mind confidently. You don’t have to be flawless, but at least be open and honest.

  • Exercise autonomy自主自律

    Exercise autonomy by proactively seeking out the information you need, asking questions and giving your opinion when something doesn’t make sense, and applying that information to the realization of the common vision.

  • Engage in dialogue and discussion対話と議論

    Engage in dialogue and discussion to continuously reinforce the other four elements by sparking important conversations and participating in constructive discussions with teammates.

...and they work!

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