Vulnerability Testing Environment Program


Vulnerability Testing Environment Program

Do you perform maintenance on testing environments?

Yes, scheduled maintenance is performed once a month, with downtime. We strive to announce maintenance work in advance. Note that circumstances outside our control may delay the announcement to the last minute.
During maintenance, you will not have access to your testing environment.
Please also note that the system may undergo multiple instances of unscheduled maintenance work each month, in addition to the scheduled maintenance.

Do you charge for access to a testing environment?

No, you can access the testing environment free of charge.

Why can’t I access my testing environment?

Check if the message “We are currently performing scheduled maintenance” is displayed in your testing environment.
If this message is not displayed and you have an account on the Reporting Site, please contact us using the Inquiry Form excluding vulnerability reports.
If you do not have an account on the Reporting Site, please send an email to

How do I get a testing environment on the production infrastructure of Store and

For these two services, we do not provide test accounts or testing environments.

How do I sign up for a testing environment?

Fill out and submit the Application form for the vulnerability testing environment program. We will contact you by email within 3 business days after receiving the completed form.

I am no longer using my testing environment. Should I report that to you?

No, you don’t need to take any action. We periodically delete testing environments which have not been used for a certain period.
If you wish to remove your testing environment before the periodic deletion process, send us an email at

I forgot the password to my testing environment.

If you are still using your first-time password and have forgotten it, check your inbox for the email we sent you with information about this password.

If you have already changed your password, please follow the instructions here to reset your password.
Note that your password is always reset to the first-time password after scheduled maintenance.
If you don’t know your login name or registered email address, please send us an email at

Can I get a second testing environment?

Please contact us using the contact form that matches your user status.
I have an account on the Reporting Site:
Please contact us using the Inquiry Form excluding vulnerability reports.

I don’t have an account on the Reporting Site:
When needed, go to Bug Bounty Testing Environment Program to request the required number of testing environments.